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Esther the Wonder Pig started out as a 3lbs supposed mini-pig, but grew to be a 670lbs full-size pig that inspired the creation of an animal shelter.
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This elephant might be more environmentally conscious than most people. When it sees litter on the ground, this boss elephant picks it up to dispose of it in the trash.
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A bearded Norwegian ice swimmer named Lars saved a duck from drowning in a frozen lake somewhere in Norway. Did I mention his beard is bosslike in itself?!
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In 1971 LIFE magazine photographer Michael Rougier spent several days with Tippi Hedren, her daughter Melanie Griffith, her husband Noel Marshall at his home in California. However the crazyness of...
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Being a squirrel is all about being adventures and seeking out for everything that looks cool and new, even though you can not eat it. That is what this...
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When a horse got stuck in mud and seemed to be doomed, some great people came to its rescue. The horse stuck in what seemed like quicksand was thankful!
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After the big cat fell into a 60 feet deep well, this endangered lion was rescued by heroic forest rangers.
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At a hospital in Wigan, England, an elderly woman with cancer got to say goodbye to her beloved horse before passing away.
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A dog stuck in the middle of a canal on a pile of garbage was rescued by three heroes in their off-road vehicle.
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When he came across a squirrel about to drown in river rapids, this hero riverboarder decided to rescue the small rodent.