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The nurse from Dallas, Texas, who survived the Ebola virus, has been reunited with her beloved dog.
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He found an injured fox in his hedge, so he called Wildlife Aid. While waiting for the rescuer, he hung out with the fox feeding him chopped sausages and cheese!
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A 12-year-old dog named Boots is the first official kitten nanny at the Arizona Humane Society.
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While fishing in the waters of Nanoose Bay, this Canadian fisherman came across a drowning bald eagle fledgling and made the boss move to rescue it.
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In the summertime people are outdoors which brings menacing bugs like mosquitoes. In this video we will show you how to get rid of all your troubles with mosquitoes...
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This dog is chillin out like a boss.
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Check out this video that will definitely brighten your day. A guy gets smothered by a bunch of playful golden retriever puppies. This is the cutest thing ever!
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Elephants Reunite! Shirley and Jenny were separated when they were younger after being crippled. 22-years later they are now brought together for the first time at the Elephant Sanctuary in...
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  Feeding a shark boss style!
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This is what your choice of produce would look like if there were no bees in the world today. As...