Sunday , December 16 2018
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At A Restaurant Called Karma Kitchen, You Always Get A $0 Bill; They Still Manage To Stay Open With People Paying It Forward!


[video_player] Every Sunday in Berkeley, California, USA, a restaurant called Karma Kitchen opens its doors to hungry diners ready to have a delicious meal. At the end of their meal, people who eat at Karma Kitchen are presented with a $0 bill. Each person is also afforded the opportunity to …

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This Bus Converted Into A Food Truck Brings Healthy Produce Into Low-Income Neighborhoods


In Toronto, an old bus was converted into a really helpful food truck that goes way beyond regular food truck status with its amazing impact on the city as a whole. Toronto’s Mobile Good Food Market is a community project that brings healthy produce — often local fruits and vegetables — …

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When You See These 13 Junk Food Hacks, You’ll Start Drooling. #12 Is EPIC.


Hungry people will eat some questionable foods, especially masochistic college kids, who probably came up with the following 13 fast food combos that are a testament to how gluttonous the human mind can be. Sometimes food is just food to you, even if it’s a completely grotesque combination of severely …

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