The 100th Employeevideo

100 employees is a big milestone in any company. So when you are working in the creative advertisement business, whey don't do a big thing out of it. And...
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Doctor Victor Ho is offering a free college education to the burglars that robbed his home and held him at gunpoint, if they turn themselves in.
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Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook and a billionaire, but he wears the same plain gray t-shirt every day. The reason why he does this is brilliant.
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On his 5th birthday, a boy named Jayden -- who is battling brain cancer -- got a surprise visit from the amazing Spider-Dad. It was awesome.
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11 year old 5th grader Samuel Love is holding his third annual Christmas toy drive, which aims to collect 2,500 toys for children in need.
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After he found his wife's wedding ring that had been lost for 15 years, this husband proposed to her again with it after 38 years of marriage.
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Going from 360lbs to 200lbs will leave you with a lot of loose skin after 160lbs of weight lost, but this guy is still a boss regardless. You have to see it to believe it.
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This brilliant man surprises his wife on her birthday with custom portraits of their 8 month old son. Of course she wept tears of joy.
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At a hospital in Wigan, England, an elderly woman with cancer got to say goodbye to her beloved horse before passing away.
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Harley-Davidson is helping to plant a billion trees worldwide in order to renew and protect the environment.