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This border collie dog doing parkour tricks with a frisbee will completely redefine reality for you and make you want to start climbing up walls yourself.
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Menelik Watson of the NFL's Oakland Raiders donated a game check to a four year old heart patient in true boss fashion to help pay for her medical bills.
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Each year, NFL star Andre Johnson takes 12 underprivileged kids on a bosslike holiday shopping spree at Toys "R" Us and this year is no different.
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A grandmother about to turn 90 years old decided to challenge NBA player Dwyane Wade to a 1-on-1 game. He accepted the challenge like a boss.
Bengals Fan got the ball
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Lots of crazy stuff is happening of the football stadiums now days, but what happened with this Bengels fan just hit a new low. A New Orleans Saints...

This 33-year-old guy is Blake Beckford, a fitness model that does not give up easily. He won the transformation category in a Pure elite fitness competition, and this is...
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When François Gissy went 207 mph / 333 km/h on his rocket-powered bicycle, he set the bicycle world record. He also raced a Ferrari on his bike and won!
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A young fan at a game of the NHL's Boston Bruins was giving out daps as players came off the ice.
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A Drake student won a brand new Ford F-150 by winning this basketball challenge in bosslike fashion.
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Our man Andreas Bakkerud from Norway wins 2nd place in Red Bull Global RallyCross driving a Super Lites car in...