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Dodie Bruening from South Carolina went skydiving to celebrate her 84th birthday. Age is just a number!
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With a video of him riding a barrel wave for 27 seconds, pro surfer Koa Smith won the GoPro of the World contest like a boss!
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A group of the NHL's Boston Bruins players visited sick children dressed as Frozen characters for Halloween.
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UCF quarter back was put in a tough spot with nobody open for the pass he dodges one guy and as he is getting ready to dodge the other...

Check out this unbelievable 6-year-old girl, Terra Chelles while she serves up older kids in a B-boy battle. Break dancing like a boss!
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You have to be a true boss to play baseball with one leg.
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Synchronized bicycling done like a boss.
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At the University of West Chester a freshman by the name of Jack Lavery accepts a $10,000 dollar shot challenge. He must make a lay up, free throw, three-pointer...
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This is definitely one of the coolest displays of solidarity I have ever seen. After the tragedy that was the Ottawa shooting in Canada, the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins decided...