These 30 pleasantly plump animal blorps will completely melt your heart with their ample physiques and adorable aesthetics. Chubby and cheerful they are!
1. The puppy blorp, although elusive (not even once), is one of the cutest creatures you’ll ever lay eyes on.

2. When you see a manatee blorp at the aquarium, you’ll want to hop in the water and cuddle with that chubby funnster!

3. Although ample in size, this delightful baby seal is still pretty quick!

4. Can blorp penguins dance?

5. Hungry hungry hippos support their blorpness.

6. Is it a bunny or just a bun of fluffy chubbiness?

7. And the blorp seal keeps on spinning. Twirl like a boss, you wonderful blorp!

8. Too plump to scratch anything but air.

9. Winter is fast approaching, so this squirrel decided to make all kindz of gainz to prepare!

10. Living the husky hedgehog life.

11. He looks concerned about being overweight.

12. Portly puppies and a human baby make this one adorable pile!

13. He’s on a see-food diet. He sees food and then he eats it.

14. Now you’ve upset the little guy.

15. Safety first. He’s got some padding too!

16. Blorpy pandas having fun on a slide might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

17. A wise old blorp.

18. What a pleasant(ly plump) lineup!

19. Pudgy pug puppies need some cuddles.

20. How graceful!

21. He looks concerned. Maybe he wants to be buckled up, but he’s too chubby for the seatbelt!

22. Is that a puppy or just a delicious marshmallow?

23. More blorpy puppies to melt your heart like mine. It’s nap time.

24. I need.

25. This squirrel blorp is also ready for winter.

26. A ball of hedgehog. Sonic would be proud.

27. They may seal the deal, if you’re still trying to resist the cuteness of these chubbies!

28. It’s always a good time to relax.

29. Too cute.

30. You probably didn’t think I could save the cutest for last, but I did. Hold on, owl show you!

Now you’re aware of blorpy animals and have been converted to loving them (if you didn’t already). You’re welcome!