Ken is 9 years old and lives in the Philippines, where stray dogs are plentiful but animal shelters are certainly not. To help make this problem animals often face better, this young man started a no-kill, non-profit animal shelter called Happy Animals Club.
With the help of donations (you can donate at his web site if you’d like), he set up an animal shelter in his parents’ garage like a boss. It’s incredibly inspiring to see a 9-year-old taking more initiative to help stray animals than most adults ever will.
Ken keeps a detailed list of expenses on his web site so you know where your money is going, if you choose to donate.
The images below will give you a quick primer on what Happy Animals Club is all about.
Ken holding a big bag of dog food!

Ken feeding a stray dog he calls White Puppy.

Building the garage animal shelter.

A vet visit to help cure the stray dog’s mange.

Ken bathes the dogs with special shampoo to help cure their mange.

With the help of his father, the 9 year old boy built a dog house for the stray dogs.

9-year-old animal shelter operator feeding his rescued dogs some Dentastix like a boss!

Just months after rescuing the stray dogs, this is what they look like thanks to Ken and his hard work. They are almost ready for adoption now.

There are more pictures on Ken’s web site, if you’d like to see them all and read his comments. Thank you, Ken, for helping these stray dogs like a boss. We wish you all the best in rescuing more stray dogs in the future!
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