No, not in cans, ON beer cans. Motorworks Brewing partner up with Shelter Manatee, and the result makes us want to drink.

The most boss idea for finding a home for an adoptable dog. The Florida Brewing Company made beer cans with information and pictures of the lovely, furry and good boys and girls. This idea made us barking with joy. Yes, and thirsty.

Motorworks Brewing Facebook.

“The response from this project has been overwhelming,” Barry Elwonger, (director of sales and marketing) told CBS News.

“We have had countless calls and messages about the program and we are elated to have raised so much awareness (and money) for the shelter already. We love dogs here at Motorworks Brewing and can’t thank the community enough for getting behind this initiative.”

Two dogs has been adopted and lots of cans has been sold. The profit from the sale goes directly to the Shelter.

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