Grab some tissues before you continue reading. Just in case!
18yo Bhaskar Shri was a construction worker in Chennai, India, but last month he died in a tragic car accident.
Five years ago, Bhaskar adopted a dog named Tommy and they ALWAYS hung out together. Wherever Bhaskar went, Tommy the loyal dog followed. He even accompanied his owner while he was at construction jobs.
When Bhaskar died, Tommy’s loyalty still did not fade. A couple days after Bhaskar’s funeral, an animal rescue officer with Blue Cross of India named Dawn Williams happened to walk past his grave. She saw Tommy there, but didn’t really worry about it at the time.

Fast forward a couple weeks. Dawn Williams walked by the grave again and Tommy was STILL sitting there! He had gone without food or water for what may have been weeks to stay by his owner’s side like the loyal dog Tommy is. Williams gave the dog food and water. She swore she could see tears in his eyes!

Heartbroken by the scene at the grave of Bhaskar, the animal rescue officer decided to locate the young man’s mother. When she went to go see Bhaskar’s mom, she was shocked to hear Tommy had been sitting at the grave. She thought he was living with a new family.
The reunion of the two was beautiful. Tommy jumped up immediately and began licking Bhaskar’s mother’s face, when she arrived. The mother decided to keep Tommy as a reminder of her son.
This is why dogs are man’s best friend. Tommy was willing to starve to death to remain by his owner’s side, even though he had died.