Earlier this April, a person walking through the streets of Detroit heard a subtle whimpering sound which they located to be coming from a trash can. It was an abandoned dog, starved and laying in his own urine. The person immediately called the Humane Society, what follows is an incredible story of the dog’s recovery and placement in a home with a loving owner.

Underneath a bunch of trash, with bag handles tied around his neck, the dog was found nearly suffocating…


The absolute cruelty of this is very disturbing…


The poor Maltese was subject to sitting in his own urine for a very long time, which resulted in severe skin burns. His repertory system had also become infected. If it weren’t for the Michigan Humane Society, this little guy could have met a darker fate.

An investigator was able to determine that this little guy must have been kept in a tiny crate, for a lengthy amount of time.


At which point, he was disposed of like yesterday’s trash.


The Humane Society name the little dude. “Edgar”.


After tending Edgar’s wounds and putting him on a healthy diet, he recovered and regained his health.


Cindy Nelson-Pouget had heard about Edgars dire story and could not help but be moved to tears. Cindy is totally a boss for adopting this unfortunate little fellow.


Here’s Edgar, after his full recovery and fur grown back.



How someone could mistreat a beautiful animal like Edgar is absolutely mind boggling to most people. To help out mistreated animals in your area contact your local SPCA or Human society to donate whatever you can since places like these are often under-funded, or consider adoption if you’re able to take care of an animal.

Share this story with others to help spread awareness about Edgars situation, maybe you’ll inspire someone to do something good for a local shelter.