The following ten animals with prosthetics probably would’ve led pretty sad lives, had it not been for compassionate people who fitted them with manmade limbs and devices to get around.
1. Motala the elephant lost her leg after stepping on a landmine in 1999. The people caring for her spent years customizing a decent replacement and finally got it just right! At 50 years old, she walks with ease again.
2. Yu Chan is a turtle that survived a shark attack. After being fitted with a fin-vest, she now swims happily at the Suma Aqualife Park in Japan.
3. A combine harvester took Oscar’s hind legs, but a nice vet fitted this black cat with some cool prosthetics.
4. Chris P. Bacon is a really unique and somewhat morbid name for a piglet, but his wheelchair made out of Kinex toys is boss. Mr. Bacon often visitsĀ children’s hospitals to inspire sick kids.
5. When Macho the horse was found by his rescuers, he was in terrible shape. They had to amputate his leg and fit him with a replacement for him to be able to survive!
6. Fittingly named Tripod, this llama got a new prosthetic leg that now allows him to walk on four legs again.
7. Fuji is a bottlenosed dolphin. Her tail had to be amputated because of an illness, so now she has a custom prosthetic tail to swim with!
8. After rats ate his front legs during hibernation, Septimus the tortoise got some wheels to roll around on!
9. Nakio lost his legs as a puppy, when they froze off in a puddle! Four prosthetic legs later and he’s walking like a boss.
10. Victimized by poachers, Beauty the bald eagle couldn’t eat or drink anymore. Her new 3D-printed beak gave her a new lease on life!