This all went down in Melbourne, Australia’s second most populous city, this past Thursday. A koala was struck by a car and climbed into a tree to seek safe shelter.
Because he, the koala nicknamed Sir Chompsalot, was injured during the accident, the firefighters had to get the marsupial out of the tree. As they were getting him out of there, he dropped about 10 meters (approximately 33 feet) into a blanket these clever heroes had prepared for his safe landing.

Now he was out, so naturally they had to perform CPR on little Sir Chompsalot. One of the members of the rescue team was experienced in dog CPR, so there was some previous expertise involved in the successful revival of the koala.

The local fire brigade captain, Sean Curtin, said the following about the incident, “Wildlife Victoria actually performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the koala and one of the other members was actually pumping the koala’s chest to get some movement in the heart and also get some air into the lungs at the same time. We put it on O2 oxygen therapy to assist in getting some oxygen into the blood flow of the koala. One of the members … had performed CPR on a dog previously.”

After koala CPR success, Sir Chompsalot is now at a Melbourne animal hospital to recover from his injuries. All the best to you, Sir!