We’re not saying you should approach the young of wild animals, because the parents usually aren’t far away and are certainly capable of ending you to protect their babies. But looking at pictures of them? You definitely should!
Lion Cub
Simba, is that you? He will be King!

Tiger Cub
A fully grown tiger can weigh up to 850lbs and is even able to swim after you as you try to escape from certain death. These tiger cubs, on the other hand, will put a smile on your face!

Bear Cub
Look at this cute little guy climbing a tree. Now we’ve completed the required lions and tigers and bears for this list. Oh my! We’re not done yet though.

Bald Eagle Fledgling
When these little guys are all grown up, they will soar in the sky and symbolize freedom.

Polar Bear Cub
Before they turn into enormous seal-killers, they’re cute little balls of white fur! Anyone else get a sudden craving for a Coke?

Coyote Pup
They will grow up to get the crap kicked out of them by cunning roadrunners.

Rhino Calf
I bet this little overweight unicorn could still do some damage, when it charges!

Alligator Hatchling

Owl Fledgling
Owl be ready to snatch up some mice soon!

Hippopotamus Calf
An angry hippo is nothing to mess with. This little one is still cute though.

Elephant Calf
People seem to think elephants are gentle giants, but sometimes they get extremely pissed off and can even trample rhinos to death! Not this little one though.

Pitbull Puppy
Haha, just kidding, pitbulls aren’t predators. However, they do have adorable puppies!