Sarah Graham and her fiancé Anthony Harbison thought they had suffered an even greater tragedy than just their apartment burning down a few days ago in Cullman, Alabama. They believed their dog, an 8-month-old Labrador puppy named Lily, had been trapped inside and lost her life to the blaze.

Days after the fire had swept through their apartment complex and left them injured with some burns, they returned to the burned out residence in an attempt to retrieve the body of their beloved dog Lily. They just wanted to give the pet they loved so much a proper burial.
What they found instead was seemingly the result of a miracle! Lily greeted them in the yard. Some of her fur had been singed by the fire, but other than that she was good to go.

A hero insurance adjuster going through the site of the fire heard the dog wimpering and managed to pull her out of the debris like a boss. She was still inside her doghouse. Being trapped inside her kennel may have actually saved her life by protecting her from falling rubble and providing her with some air to breathe.
Lily’s owner, Sarah Graham, was more than happy to have her dog back. She didn’t even care about the material loss she suffered from the fire anymore. She said, “I don’t feel like we’ve lost anything, really. We’re just so happy to have her back.”