In India’s Gujarat State, there exists a single population of a lion subspecies called the Asiatic lion. With only 411 animals currently alive on the entire planet, this type of lion — often simply called the Indian lion — is considered endangered and was once on the verge of extinction. Suffice to say that it’s extremely rare.
Considering how rare this type of lion is, it’s especially uplifting what these people did when they found one of these lions stuck in a well in their town. While looking for food, the lion fell into the 60 feet deep well and was unable to get out on its own, so the people informed forest rangers that managed to get the big cat out of the well using ropes.
Because it’s such an enormous animal with the ability to kill a person in seconds and it was stuck in a deep well, the rescue was beyond tricky and they actually had to tranquilize the lion at one point in order to pull it out of there! I can only imagine the adrenaline rush of handling a highly efficient predator like this.
After this endangered lion was rescued, the animal was released into a wildlife sanctuary in the area (after being observed for a day to make sure it didn’t get injured during the fall into the well or the rescue).