Ever seen a whale playing Rugby before? Now you have.


This awesome Beluga Whale is playing rugby with a South African marine research crew.

This is what we love, love between humans and random wild animals. The video is showing a whale having the time of his/hers life while playing Rugby for the first time. More important, teammates were human and they were playing with an official 2019 Rugby World Cup ball.

The whole whale situation is rare and magical, no wonder the Internet are loving it. And because the crew was South African, it sort of fits well that South Africa won the World Cup last year.

Even tho the crew was South African, it has been a discussion about where in the world this was filmed. Are the whale African? For example, some people think it is from Norway and some from New Zealand. On the other hand, there are discussions about whether the Rugby-playing whale is a Russian spy or not.

Could this be the same whale? Because a Beluga whale came to the rescue when some Norwegian girls lost their phone in the water. Click here to watch the video.

Time will tell. All we know is that whales are awesome and we want one.

Click on the video and watch the whale in action.