At a wildlife shelter in Manitoba, Canada, a poor turtle came in with a completely cracked shell, so the bosses at the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre put it back together.
Using steel pins, wires, epoxy glue and even a bracket, they pieced the shell back together like a puzzle. The center’s director said, “”In this case, it seemed everything else was intact. It was simply the shell that needed to be kind of put back together and held in place. We had to epoxy cement little pins onto the shell at strategic points to pull it all together. We decided to just use a light wire to just kind of tie it all together so it holds it stable and together.”
A large crack down the back of the shell required them to use a metal bracket to hold it together. And thus, Frankenturtle was born! This thing could be some sort of badass super villain on an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Shredder has nothing on Frankenturtle!

Because turtle shells are a growing organ, the shell will grow back together and heal like a boss. The turtle should be good to go in about 6-12 months, depending on how quickly the shell recovers.
If you find a turtle with a broken shell, don’t assume it’s going to die. Take it to a wildlife center and tell them to turn it into a bosslike Frankenturtle!