This gorgeous Harlequin Great Dane named Dodi is a therapy dog with one amazing story. Diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age, Dodi was deemed extremely difficult to manage and adoption seemed like it was impossible for this big puppy. At 18 months old, she was suffering from severe seizures due to her epilepsy, spent most of her days in a crate and was scheduled to be euthanized.

Lucky for her and the people she would end up helping, the amazing people at Home for Life stepped in and decided to save Dodi from certain death. With proper treatment and the right medications, they were able to completely get rid of her seizures.
With her seizures in check, Dodi was trained as a therapy dog and now resides at the Home for Life animal sanctuary, where “unadoptable” animals like her are taken care of. She absolutely loves it there! Dodi is an exceptional dog and was even chosen for the dog parade at the Fall Fancy Feast Fundraiser. It was utilized to show people what their donations go to when they give money to Home for Life.

When she’s not out on duty as a therapy dog, brightening the days and lives of sick children, the elderly in nursing homes, and even providing comfort for people at domestic abuse shelters, she’s busy running through meadows with her animal friends and taking a dip in the Apple River at the Home for Life sanctuary.
Dodi the Great Dane is one fascinating story of a dog with epilepsy about to be euthanized getting a new chance at a much different, more positive life. I would love to meet this enormous lap dog that helps so many people. She even aids in getting sick kids to take their medicine, because she takes hers every day to lead by example like a boss!
If you ever get a chance to give a person or an animal a second chance, do it! It might be another story like Dodi’s in the future.