Lemon the Giant Schnauzer is putting all the other farm dogs to shame. This Russian pup can do more than just herding sheep, he lends a hand (or a paw) with all the chores around the farm. At the ripe age of two (doggy years), Old McDonald’s best friend goes above and beyond to get the job done. This gives a whole new meaning to being a mans best friend.

“He likes to try and do almost everything I do. I think if he had hands he would do everything for me.”


A good farm boss makes sure that all the animals are well kept and happy.


Generations of Giant Schnauzers live their lives working on farms.


Even though Lemon’s doggie skills are limited, he still gets an A+ for effort.


He even takes himself out for walks like a boss!


There is absolutely nothing this dog can’t do!


Do you know any other dog that is capable of doing this?


Lemon stated his training at just 10-months when he decided to help out his owner with gathering logs.


He’ll plow your field of course… (Use a steam roller for mashed potatoes)

Lemon has since then received recognition of his work and has now become a celebrity in his home village!