22-year-old Thomas Paterson is a riverboarder from Oakville, Ontario, Canada, but mainly he’s a hero! Recently, he was riverboarding down some fairly violent river rapids in Ottawa, Canada, when he came across a squirrel stuck amidst them on a piece of rock.
There was no way this tiny little squirrel was getting off of that rock without being taken downstream in the river rapids, which would’ve led to the small rodent drowning with almost 100% certainty. Anything short of a miracle and this squirrel would’ve been dead.
Fortunately, there was a hero riverboarder named Thomas Paterson ready to spring into action just in time. He slowly guided his board right up against the rock where the squirrel was sitting in peril, in hopes of the little guy hopping aboard for a ride to safety. He tapped the board and tried to signal to the squirrel that he was there to help, but the squirrel wasn’t having any of it!
The squirrel panicked and decided to try to hop onto a neighboring rock. It made an impressive leap, but still ended up in the water! Now it was time for Paterson to go into boss mode. He snatched the little critter out of the river rapids and placed him on his board.
Seemingly, the squirrel finally understood that the riverboarder was actually there to help. He stayed on the board until he was safely chauffeured to shore by a hero!