Astro is a horse with a wonderful, loving owner in Melbourne, Australia. The steed is 18 years old and was trotting around on the beach with his owner Nicole Graham, her daughter, and the daughter’s horse one day, when something unexpected and terrible happened.
Astro ended up stuck in mud with his owner Nicole. Nicole’s daughter on her horse also followed them into the mud pit, but luckily they were able to get free again! Things didn’t go as smoothly for the older and larger horse Astro. He found himself stuck in a mud pit on the beach that seemed like it was quicksand.
Weighing in at a staggering 1,000+ lbs, attempts to remove Astro from the mud were futile and only caused the poor stallion to sink deeper. After over three hours stuck together in the mud, help finally arrived. Nicole had been trying to calm down her horse stuck in mud, while she herself was overcome by a feeling of hopelessness and panic. The tide coming in didn’t make the situation any easier!
Hero firefighters arrived at the scene and quickly got Nicole out of the mud pit, but Astro’s rescue would prove to be a lot more work. Removing the horse from the treacherous quicksand-like mud was no easy task and they even got a nearby farmer to help with his tractor! Without him, Astro may not have made it out.
When the large steed finally made it out of the hole, he was so exhausted he just collapsed. After resting up a bit and being treated for mild dehydration, he was back to 100% and will be able to spend quality time with his owner Nicole Graham — who works as a dentist for horses and owns 10 horses — for years to come!
Just try to avoid those mud pits in the future, Astro! We don’t want to see you stuck in one again!