For some odd reason, the big dogs you’re about to see believe they are essentially lap dogs and not massive at all. A lot of them easily weigh over 100lbs, with a few of the breeds shown pretending to be lap dogs averaging 150lbs+.

St. Bernards and Newfoundlands can even weigh over 200lbs. The heaviest dogs of each breed weighed in at over 250lbs, while there is no telling exactly how much these colossal dogs in the pictures slap on the scale, but we’re guessing they aren’t light! However, they do seem to have a firm belief that they’re tiny puppies, which they may be at heart.

Say good night to the circulation of your legs with one of these big K9s sitting on your lap for extended amounts of time. Bloodflow to your lower extremities will be a thing of the past. Something you once thought possible, but not anymore now that you have a 150lbs+ lap dog firmly planted on top of you.

Oh, you wanted to get up? You have things to do? Yeah right! You’re staying right where you are with this gargantuan puppy situated right on your lap like a boss. While these beautiful creatures might be enormous, they are still very lovable lap dogs.