The following 13 heartwarming animal stories may have you reaching for a box of tissues. It’s very uplifting what sometimes goes on in the animal kingdom!
1. Gandalf the owl was given a goose egg, after she was unable to get her own eggs to hatch. She raised the baby bird as her own!

2. Adoptive super mother Lisha is a golden retriever that has raised over 30 animals, including but not limited to baby cheetahs, tigers, porcupines, and… wait for it… hippos!

3. Before Alex the grey African parrot died, his last words were, “You be good. I love you.” They were said to his owner Irene.

4. Paralyzed by the cold water during an arctic diving contest, Yang Yun was saved by a beluga whale named Mila that pushed her to the surface!

5. Five years after releasing the gorilla named Kwibi, whom he raised, back into the wild, Damian went to visit him. Of the reunion he said, “He looked into my eyes with such intensity and such love. It was an incredible experience.”

6. During Hurricane Katrina and the resulting damage to her home, Jennifer lost her beloved cat Scrub. Five years later, her cat was finally returned to her by the Humane Society and immediately began sleeping under the covers with Jennifer again!

7. After the death of his parents, a 3yo orangutan named Suryia was devastated. He was so depressed, he stopped eating, until a weak old dog named Roscoe wandered into Suryia’s habitat at the zoo one day. The orangutan nursed the sick dog back to health and they are best friends now!

8. Would-be competitors for food in the wild, Jet and Miri are best friends in captivity!

9. When a chimpanzee named Cindy died at a rescue in Cameroon, the other chimps hugged each other in mourning.

10. Tommy was always brought to Sunday mass by his owner. After his owner died, he still went every Sunday! He sits quietly and doesn’t interrupt the service.

11. Elephants Jenny and Shirley became best friends in an abusive circus. They were re-united at an animal sanctuary and are together nonstop.

12. Hanama is an orangutan fostering two orphan lion cubs at a safari park in Myrtle Beach, SC.

13. Famous conservationist Lawrence Anthony saved these elephants from being killed, after local authorities had deemed them violent. For his funeral, they marched solemnly for two hours to thank the man that saved them.