Things are a little different in the highlands of Scotland, where a lamb named Pet — who seems to firmly believe she’s a dog — spends her days playing with her adoptive Border Collie mother and other dogs on a regular basis.
When Pet was born, her biological sheep mother died unfortunately. On a very bright note though, the orphaned baby lamb was quickly adopted by a Border Collie named Dice. Pet quickly latched on to Dice, shared a basket to sleep in at night with her, and followed her around just like a puppy would.
Now that she’s a little bit older, she enjoys going into the fields to play with other sheep during the day, but often she still spends quite a bit of time playing with her dog mom Dice and her dog friends named Fly, Jess, and Megan.
Every night, when it’s time to go to bed, Pet the lamb returns to the familiar surroundings of the dog kennel and sleeps in the bed she’s known since she was just a tiny lamb.
While a lamb playing like a dog might not inspire you to play like a dog yourself, it’s truly uplifting and also quite amusing to watch this sheep play with dogs as if she were one herself. You might call her a true wolf in sheep’s clothing. LOL @ her trying to wag her non-existent tail.