Children are born with an innate desire to interact and compassionately appreciate animals, whether they be wild or domesticated. Often, this love for animals is somehow diminished in many adults, but our natural instict as human beings is to be empathetic toward our furry friends and even put their needs before our own.
This young boy named Matteo Walch has not lost his empathy toward animals and his best friends are definitely furry. They’re not the type of animal you’d expect a boy to be best friends with though. Most children his age probably have a dog or cat they love, but for the past four years Matteo has been going to the Austrian Alps to visit his furry friends.
They’re Alpine Marmots and they aren’t domesticated. They are very much wild animals and usually not comfortable around humans, but Matteo has formed a strong bond with them and they always remember him when he returns to visit for two weeks each year.
When you learn to properly interact with wild animals like these Alpine Marmots, a beautiful friendship like the one between these furry creatures and a young boy can blossom. How uplifting!
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