A few weeks ago, the people at Wildlife Aid in the United Kingdom received a call about an injured fox stuck in a hedge. Wildlife rescuer Simon Cowell got a ride to the scene from his wife, because he’d had a couple drinks already, where he met up with the man who called them.
The gentleman was wearing a bathrobe and had been feeding the wounded fox with “chopped sausages and cheese” while he tended to it like a boss. As he was waiting for the wildlife rescuer, the avid football (soccer for Americans) fan even stepped away from the England game he was watching to take care of the injured fox in his hedge. When the wildlife rescuer arrived, the fox was curled up inside the hedge just waiting to be rescued with an injury to one of its hind legs.
The injured fox was taken to a nearby wildlife hospital and, after just two weeks of care, they were able to release it back into the wild! In fact, they took it back to where they found him. This time, the man was wearing real clothes, as he watched rescuer Simon Cowell release the fox back into his hedge. The football / soccer lover is now also a fox lover!
Wildlife Aid has been rescuing wild animals in the UK for 30 years and continues to do so today. They have been on an Animal Planet TV series called “Wildlife SOS” for the past 15 years as well. If you’d like to watch more footage of their rescues, check out that show or hit up their web site.
And now… for just a little bit of fun and to celebrate this terrific animal rescue story. What does the fox say?!