I’d like to introduce you to a 12-year-old Hurricane Katrina survivor named Boots. He is a Chow / Golden Retriever mix and this old mutt is the first official kitten nanny at the Arizona Humane Society.
Boots is there to cuddle and hang out with kittens once a week at the animal shelter’s nursery, where numerous felines too young to be adopted spend their time. As the Arizona Humane Society’s web site states, “One factor that can increase a cat’s chance of adoption is its ability to live in homes with other pets. By socializing kittens with dogs like Boots early in life, we are able to open up an entirely new world of potential home environments to that kitten.”
During kittenhood, there is a limited amount of time when cats can be fully acclimated to new things and the people at this amazing animal shelter — with the help of 12yo Boots — are taking advantage of this fact to make sure all the kittens there are used to playing with dogs. Kittens between the ages of two and seven weeks old can easily adapt to being around other animals. When this is done at this young age, the cats are much more likely to get along well with other pets in the households they will be adopted to!
Thanks to Boots, every kitten that leaves the Arizona Humane Society will be thoroughly accustomed to and socialized with dogs. This exposure is very important and we applaud the great people who have taken the necessary steps to make this happen. And now, what your probably clicked on this article for: Pictures of Boots the Chow / Golden Retriever mix cuddling and playing with adorable, tiny kittens! Perfect. Who wouldn’t want to adopt these delightful kitties?!