In Sao Paolo, Brazil, zookeepers went into full boss mode for a paraplegic porcupine that they rescued from a nightclub.

Unable to move around on its own, the porcupine was going to be put to sleep, when zookeepers decided to try something incredible for the little guy! They built a porcupine wheelchair out of plumbing pipes and it only cost them 5 bucks for the parts.

The zookeepers had seen something similar built for dogs on YouTube and decided it was worth a shot to save the paraplegic porcupine from certain death. They were right! The porcupine can now move around thanks to the special pipe wheelchair. Fitted with a sling and wheels, the chair takes stress off of the animal’s back and it won’t have to be put to sleep any time soon.
To the bosslike zookeepers at this Sao Paolo zoo, we say thank you. Keep being bosses!