We’re all about restoring your faith in humanity here at Like A Boss. This post is just the medicine for that! People being selfless and helping out animals is beyond uplifting.
There was severe flooding in Ipswich, Australia, when this great man stepped in to save a stranded kangaroo from certain death!

More flooding and more saving. A young boy in Manila carries his beloved dog to save him from drowning in flood waters caused by a monsoon in the Philippines.

Joshua Bisnar is a combat medic and here he can be seen hand-feeding a baby bunny that lost its mother. What a cute little bunny!

Stray dogs get fed by an awesome Chinese grandma. This old lady is boss!

A baby dolphin was washed up on the shore in Ireland, so MMA fighter Cathal Pendred carried the little guy back into the ocean.

Wildfires are all too common in some parts of Australia, so this hero firefighter decided to give a nice koala some water to fight off dehydration.

Even in times of war, these soldiers during WWII in the Battle of Okinawa found the time to give a baby goat some water.

Richard Tesore of Rescate Fauna Marina introduces a baby river dolphin to a penguin!

Some piglets are born without hind legs. This little piggy was lucky enough to get a wheelchair made from toy parts, so he can happily move around!

A mama duck and her ducklings cross the street under police escort.

When floods hit Cuttack City, India, this guy went out and rescued some kittens!

A drowning goat was saved by two brave friends Erik and Torvald in Norway.

Firefighters are amazing. This hero brought a cat back to life. Good thing it has 8 more lives.

In the Netherlands at a seal rehab center, a volunteer worker feeds a herring to a seal at the facility.

Yet another boss firefighter! He can be seen handing a woman her cat, which he had just rescued from a fire.

Heat waves can tire out birds too. This woman decided to give the small birdie a drink of water, after it fell out of a tree due to heat exhaustion.

A tranquilizer shot freaked out this bear and it ran into the ocean in a panic, so biologist Adam Warwick with the Wildlife Commision rescued it from drowning like a boss!

Just an awesome old man helping a tortoise cross a road. Nothing to see here!

In Borneo, this orphaned orangutan baby was comforted by his rescuers.

Rescuers help a baby elephant orphan.

A puppy slipped into a drainage canal, so these two amazing boys gave him a helping hand!

To make integration back into the pandas’ wild habitat easier, panda researchers in China wear panda costumes when they work with the animals.

A very brave boy in Bangladesh rescued this lucky fawn from a flooded river. Oh deer!

What do you know? Another firefighter rescuing a kitten after a house fire.

This baby Howler Monkey got injured in Belize, but the people at the vet clinic did their best to get him back to good health!

Another cool WWII photograph. This time it’s a British soldier feeding milk to a kitten!

Ryo Taira saves a porpoise from a flooded rice field, after a tsunami in Sendai, Japan swept it into there!

In Canada, two crazy-awesome heroes decided to swim through flood waters in order to save a fox. They risked their own lives in the process!

A beached false killer whale is moved back into the ocean by volunteer workers in Australia.

Baby ducklings are being rescued here. This is serious business!

In Melbourne, Australia, a woman’s Shih Tzu was swept into the harbor by insane winds. This man rescued the small dog like a boss!

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