This is a very goat story with a happy ending. Bunter, the depressed cow became even more sad when her therapy goat went missing.

Why is Bunter depressed, and why does Bunter have a therapy goat? The answer is, Bunters cow friend, Rosie, passed and sent Bunter into depression. Bunter’s owner heard that goats were excellent therapists, and got a goat for Bunter. The goat name was Peaches, and did an amazing job for poor Bunter.

The drama with the two cows (one dead, one depressed) and the therapy goat all found place in Northland, New Zealand.

Bunter quickly became a happy cow again, because Peaches really was an excellent therapist. But then, one day, the therapy goat was stolen, and poor Bunter became sad again. The only way to fix this, was to call the police. The Northland Police did not spare any resources, and wrote on their facebook:

“Police began making enquiries into the report of the goat, Peaches, being stolen ?

Police didn’t kid around and goat hold of CCTV footage and spoke with a number of people.

As a result of this work, Peaches was located at a nearby property and was returned just before Christmas, to much delight! ?‍♂️”

We are all so happy that everything worked out, thanks to the boss police and love to the best friends, Bunter and Peaches.

Hero stray dog acts as traffic police, because she want to help children safely cross the road.