Freedom Service Dogs of America (FSD) is a nonprofit organization that rescues dogs from animal shelters and custom trains them to become hero service dogs for disabled people. The dogs are specifically trained to complete tasks the disabled person is unable to take care of themselves. They are helpful companions provided free of charge to disabled individuals (i.e. war veterans) thanks to donations.
While not all dogs qualify to complete the service dog training program, FSD does its best to find them loving homes anyhow. In 2013, the organization rescued 110 dogs and 31 of those dogs managed to complete the 7-12 month service dog training program. The other 79 were adopted to loving homes! Donations make all this happen, because it costs about $25k to train one service dog.
Below are some pictures of these proud service dogs at work. They are bosslike heroes!

Some tasks these amazing animals can complete are:
– Grabbing and carrying dropped objects
– Pushing a Lifeline or 911 button
– Locating and retrieving a phone
– Finding help
– Getting something out of a refrigerator (BRB “Bring me a beer, boss dog!”)
– Turning lights on/off and pushing handicap buttons
– Opening and closing doors
– Provide stability and balance to the person walking the service dog, including up and down stairs
– Pulling a wheelchair
– Some dogs can even do laundry! (Yes, we’re serious. And yes, they can fold it too!)

Go check out the Freedom Service Dogs of America web site for more information or if you’d like to donate.