Being a squirrel is all about being adventures and seeking out for everything that looks cool and new, even though you can not eat it. That is what this Squirrel thought when he came over this GoPro camera. “Don’t know what it is, but maybe I’ll need it some day or can trade it away for some nuts”, he may have thought.
After inspecting the GoPro camera for a couple of seconds, sizing it up and down and made a plan on how to steal it, he grabs on it and bring it fast up to his tree. The Squirrel is also a good camera man, you can see him filming the owner of the camera down at the ground.
Unfortunately the Squirrel didn’t steal any of the many cool GoPro ad-ons for his newly stolen camera. So he can’t manage to stick the camera somewhere and in the end he looses the camera back on the ground. The rightful owner picks it up, blows away whatever smudge that was on the lance and walked away.
A cool video nevertheless, filmed by a thief squirrel with a great eye of detail! Is this the first Squirrel video selfie of the interwebs too?