External beauty isn’t everything in life, but it’s definitely going to help out these ridiculously photogenic and aesthetic animals. They are GLORIOUS!
This corgi is hopping over that obstacle, WHILE winking and waving at you. Are you serious right now, corgi? Wow!

And this puppy wants you to draw her like one of those French poodles (before you die during the Titanic ice bucket challenge).

He’s taking it all in. How can you look this glamourous in snow?

This fish really loves to smile for the camera and will steal the show from any human joining him underwater.

How happy does he look?!

That is one majestically smug dog.

I never thought I’d say a shark looks lovable. He will lure you in with his beautiful smile and use those teeth to rip your legs off. Stay safe!

This kitten is so adorable, it’s making the other one look bad and derpy-as-f.

Wink back or this wild cat will come after you!

Such scarf. Very breeze. Wow.

Either he’s blazed out of his mind or just the chillest big bird in all the lands.


Are these the ones that spit? This one probably spits beer after handing you a mug.


The king of the jungle is looking FABULOUS!

Whatchu wanna talk about?

Please don’t disturb him when he’s practicing.

May I have this dance?

Just a fun day at the beach with a ridiculously photogenic dog playing soccer.

Quite possibly the most marvelous horse ever.


Haha, another dog winking like a boss!

Holy crap, this horse might be more beautiful than the other one. It’s sublime!

Sloth. Need I say more?

Yet another dog wink. This one is wearing a hat!

These eagles may symbolize freedom, but that doesn’t mean they won’t capture your attention!

Just in case we haven’t sealed the deal with you yet, here is a photogenic seal.