This awesome cat helps locked-out owner inside.


Why call the lock-smith when you have a cat? This smart cat helped the locked-out owner get back inside by opening the back door.

Boko, the amazing hero, helped his locked-out owner Gabriella Tropea in to her house. Gabriella accidentally managed to lock herself out one day she was following her little sister to school. She came home to a closed door with her key’s inside.

Lucky for Gabriella, her cat Boko was also inside. Boko was once a stray cat, until Gabriella rescued him in her college days. Ever since that day, they had been inseparable, and this was a moment for Boko to give back.

Gabriella communicated with her cat through the back door, and the cat managed to unlock the door. Check out the short video to see Boko in action.

Boko for president.

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