Igor is a bulldog that lives with a very caring family in Lillestrom, Norway. The family made plans to go on a trip to Thailand and couldn’t take their beloved dog, so he had to go stay at a kennel for a couple weeks.

Of course, the average kennel isn’t an extremely pleasant place for dogs, so the dad of the family decided to change that for Igor. He built an almost exact replica of their living room for the little guy, so he could live in comfort, while the family could enjoy their Thailand vacation without being overcome by sadness when they thought about where Igor was.

In the picture below, you can see the living room at home compared to the kennel living room replica!

At the kennel, in the replica living room, Igor the bulldog was often visited by his new best friend: A St. Bernard named Hera, who also loved the couch and the sweet living room setup Igor was provided with by his loving family!

So, as you can see… even a stay in a kennel can be enjoyable for a dog, provided that you provide him with a desireable environment (i.e. a bosslike replica of your living room). Heck, we could probably chill there for a couple weeks!

Kudos to the dad for coming up with this awesome idea and executing it so beautifully like a boss. Igor is a very lucky dog!