In times of war, animals are often utilized by the military. We all know about war horses and dogs, but below are also some animals you probably didn’t know had been used for warfare.
Used to carry bombs in experiments, people quickly figured out this was a terrible idea!

Sea Lions
The Navy often recruits them as deep sea divers!

These enormous mammals have often been used to transport large objects and also to mount weapons.

They have also been used to transport items during times of war.

Herds of oxen were often used to transport military forces back in the day.

They have been used to deliver messages, but also as flying bombs!

Man’s best friend is used for all sorts of tasks ranging from attacking enemies, searching for wounded soldiers and even detecting mines!

What? No way! The Navy has used dolphins to detect mines before.

They have often been used to spread disease among enemy soldiers, but also to carry explosive devices behind enemy lines.

In desert areas, camels have been used to transport soldiers and various items.

From early times of war, there is some historical evidence that rhinos were used as attack animals.

Now you know which animals have been kicking ass in various ways during times of war!