Patrick Boyle, 22, decided to go on rescue mission when the Australian bushfire started and have now saved nine Koalas.

One of the many species affected in the Australian bushfire are the Koalas. So, when Patrick Boyle saw the first Koala hid in fear for his life, he decided to go on a rescue mission.

Patrick posted this photo on his Instagram of himself with one of the rescued Koalas.

Patrick Boyle

He went out there and found them one by one. Several of the Koalas he saw had already died in the fire, or were beyond saving. In the end he had rescued nine Koalas, some badly injured, some just dehydrated and in shock.

Paradoxically to some, Patrick is a hunter. But it’s the hunters and farmers out there now, saving the animals, says Patrick to the Daily Mail.

The Koalas are doing much better now, according to Patrick. We are rooting for him, his good work, and for all the other heroes and heroines that work so hard to rescue animals and people during this hard time in Australia.

Like a boss.

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