Friday, February 3, 2023

Two Cheetah Cubs Born By IVF for the First time in History.

In an attempt to Save Big Cats, two Cheetah cubs was successfully born by IVF using a surrogate mother.

Guy Gets Brutally Mauled By Golden Retriever Puppies!

0 Check out this video that will definitely brighten your day. A guy gets smothered by a bunch of playful golden retriever puppies. This is the cutest thing...

You will not believe what kind of animals this family had for a pet

In 1971 LIFE magazine photographer Michael Rougier spent several days with Tippi Hedren, her daughter Melanie Griffith, her husband Noel Marshall at his home in California. However...

Top 10 Boss Dogs

#10. The Chow-Chow The Chow-Chow comes in at number 10. The males usually weigh between 60-80lbs and come stacked with a ton of fur and thick hair, hence...

Cutest ever. Disabled dog is BFFs with a disabled bird.

Dog can't walk, and the bird can't fly. They both was disabled and alone, but then they found each other. A chihuahua and a pigeon.

Huge Dogs That Believe They're Lap Dogs

For some odd reason, the big dogs you're about to see believe they are essentially lap dogs and not massive at all. A lot of them easily...

Dog Says Hello In Response To Human

0 A cute French Bulldog tries to say hello to his owner, who in turn delivers the same greeting.

Wanna See Some Owls Dance Like A Boss?!

These owls decided to have a little dance-off on a lucky photographer's front lawn. She managed to secretly capture it on her GoPro. Or maybe they knew...

Android Uses Video Of Unlikely Animal Friends To Promote Their Product Like A Boss

Android created a promo video of unlikely animal friends to promote their product like some true bosses. You won't want to miss this one! This is adorable.

Feeding A Shark – Like A Boss

  Feeding a shark boss style!

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