Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Dying Cancer Patient Given The Chance To Say Goodbye To Her Favorite Horse

At a hospital in Wigan, England, an elderly woman with cancer got to say goodbye to her beloved horse before passing away.

This Old Dog Is A Kitten Nanny

A 12-year-old dog named Boots is the first official kitten nanny at the Arizona Humane Society.

Cutest ever. Disabled dog is BFFs with a disabled bird.

Dog can't walk, and the bird can't fly. They both was disabled and alone, but then they found each other. A chihuahua and a pigeon.

Bearded Norwegian Hero Saves Drowning Duck From Frozen Lake

A bearded Norwegian ice swimmer named Lars saved a duck from drowning in a frozen lake somewhere in Norway. Did I mention his beard is bosslike in itself?!

Ethan Loves Dogs – You'll Be Impressed By What This 9yo Does For Dogs

Most kids would love a pile of gifts for their 9th birthday, but Ethan Katz is a boss and looks at the bigger picture already at such...

Disabled Dog Gets New Wheels

Another cool story that will restore your faith in humanity is that of Bentley the corgi. Unable to walk due to Degenerative Myelopathy, Bentley had to chill...

People Helping Animals Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

We're all about restoring your faith in humanity here at Like A Boss. This post is just the medicine for that! People being selfless and helping out...

Most Dogs Enjoy A Long Walk. This One LOVES To Skydive!

While most dogs would be content going for a long walk with their owner, this dachshund named Riley wouldn't settle for that and the daredevil inside him...

Boss Snakes – The 10 Most Venomous Snakes

Ah, venomous snakes. They bring great fear into the hearts of people, as they should. These things can kill you with ease!   #10: Rattlesnake The rattlesnake is the only...

If You Have A Heart, These Touching Animal Stories Will Melt It

The following 13 heartwarming animal stories may have you reaching for a box of tissues. It's very uplifting what sometimes goes on in the animal kingdom!   1. Gandalf...

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