Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Police hunt when sad cow’s therapy goat was stolen.

This is a very goat story with a happy ending. Bunter, the depressed cow became even more sad when her therapy goat went missing.

Walk Your Dog For Charity With The Wooftrax App

A company called WoofTrax has developed an app called 'Walk For A Dog' , which allows you to raise money for dog shelters around where you live....

Dog Humps Tiger – Like A Boss

Dog humps tiger...

Huge Dogs That Believe They're Lap Dogs

For some odd reason, the big dogs you're about to see believe they are essentially lap dogs and not massive at all. A lot of them easily...

A Sick Elderly Man Was Reunited With His Dog

James Wathen is 73 years old and was in such terrible health that he had to be put in the hospital. He wasn't eating and was so...

Slow Motion Video Of A Border Collie Dog Doing Parkour Tricks With A Frisbee

This border collie dog doing parkour tricks with a frisbee will completely redefine reality for you and make you want to start climbing up walls yourself.

Frankenturtle – Cracked Turtle Shell Repaired in Bosslike Fashion

At a wildlife shelter in Manitoba, Canada, a poor turtle came in with a completely cracked shell, so the bosses at the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre put...

Baby Rhino And Baby Goat Are Best Friends Forever

Warning: Protect your heart, because it might melt watching this! Gertjie is an orphaned baby rhinoceros that loves to play with its best friend Lammie, a baby goat!...

15 Breathtaking Animal Portraits In Black & White. Incredible!

In the Czech Republic, photographer Lukas Holas created some wonderful black & white portraits of exotic animals in a Behance series entitled Portraits of Animals. So far...

If You're Only Going To Read One Thing Today, Read This.

This simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting story about two men and one dog will have you wiping tears from your eyes. If you only have time to read...

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