Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Copenhagen will plant fruit trees – as a tasty gift to citizens.

Haven't eaten since lunch? Dont't worry, just grab an apple on your way home. Does your child want snacks? Pick plums.

Android Uses Video Of Unlikely Animal Friends To Promote Their Product Like A Boss

Android created a promo video of unlikely animal friends to promote their product like some true bosses. You won't want to miss this one! This is adorable.

Dog Humps Tiger – Like A Boss

Dog humps tiger...

Golden Retriever Lost for Two Years Returns Home Like A Boss

Murphy Braun is a bosslike golden retriever, who was lost in the woods on a camping trip to Tahoe National Forest two years ago. We have no...

If You're Only Going To Read One Thing Today, Read This.

This simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting story about two men and one dog will have you wiping tears from your eyes. If you only have time to read...

Norwegian girl dropped her phone, a whale gave it back.

When a group of Norwegian girls managed to drop their phone in the sea, this gentle whale gave it back. Click and watch the cute...

A Sick Elderly Man Was Reunited With His Dog

James Wathen is 73 years old and was in such terrible health that he had to be put in the hospital. He wasn't eating and was so...

You'd Never Expect What These Animals Were Used For In The Military

In times of war, animals are often utilized by the military. We all know about war horses and dogs, but below are also some animals you probably...

Volunteers Rescue A Dog Covered In Tar, Giving It A Second Chance At Life!

After falling  into a pool of hot tar that engulfed his body and had became rock-solid, this dog had no choice but to remain on the ground...

Can You Imagine A World With No Bees!

This is what your choice of produce would look like if there were no bees in the world today. As you can see a world with no...

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