Thursday, January 21, 2021

Young hero saves nine Koalas from Australian bushfire

Patrick Boyle, 22, decided to go on rescue mission when the Australian bushfire started and have now saved nine Koalas.

This Little Boy's Best Friends Are Furry, But Still Not What You'd Expect!

Children are born with an innate desire to interact and compassionately appreciate animals, whether they be wild or domesticated. Often, this love for animals is somehow diminished...

A Kitten Takes A Hot Bath And Doesn't Want To Leave – Like A...

0 A Kitten takes a bath and doesn't want to leave. This kitten absolutely loves the hot bath and doesn't want to leave when his owner cuts his relaxation...

Cutest ever. Disabled dog is BFFs with a disabled bird.

Dog can't walk, and the bird can't fly. They both was disabled and alone, but then they found each other. A chihuahua and a pigeon.

This Giant Schnauzer Will Do All Your Chores For You… Just Ask This Farmer.

Lemon the Giant Schnauzer is putting all the other farm dogs to shame. This Russian pup can do more than just herding sheep, he lends a hand...

Volunteers Rescue A Dog Covered In Tar, Giving It A Second Chance At Life!

After falling  into a pool of hot tar that engulfed his body and had became rock-solid, this dog had no choice but to remain on the ground...

Vet Performed A $6k Surgery For Free So A Couple Could Have Their Beloved...

A couple thought they had to give up their dog to enable it to get the life-saving surgery, but an incredibly generous vet performed the procedure for free.

Copenhagen will plant fruit trees – as a tasty gift to citizens.

Haven't eaten since lunch? Dont't worry, just grab an apple on your way home. Does your child want snacks? Pick plums.

This awesome cat helps locked-out owner inside.

Why call the lock-smith when you have a cat? This smart cat helped the locked-out owner get back inside by opening the back door.

Photographer Captures ADORABLE Dog Wedding Photos You HAVE To See

In October of 2013, photographer Kathryn Yeaton adopted her second rescue dog, a then 12-week-old border collie mix puppy named Teddy, and brought him home to the...

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