Saturday, May 28, 2022

182-Year-Old Giant Tortoise Photographed Over 100 Years Apart

The picture on the left below was taken in 1902 of Jonathan, a giant tortoise born in 1832! On the right, you can see a pic of...

Dying Cancer Patient Given The Chance To Say Goodbye To Her Favorite Horse

At a hospital in Wigan, England, an elderly woman with cancer got to say goodbye to her beloved horse before passing away.

A Kitten Takes A Hot Bath And Doesn't Want To Leave – Like A...

0 A Kitten takes a bath and doesn't want to leave. This kitten absolutely loves the hot bath and doesn't want to leave when his owner cuts his relaxation...

Environmentally Conscious Elephant Collects Litter Like A Boss

This elephant might be more environmentally conscious than most people. When it sees litter on the ground, this boss elephant picks it up to dispose of it in the trash.

Copenhagen will plant fruit trees – as a tasty gift to citizens.

Haven't eaten since lunch? Dont't worry, just grab an apple on your way home. Does your child want snacks? Pick plums.

Dog Miraculously Survives Apartment Fire

Sarah Graham and her fiancé Anthony Harbison thought they had suffered an even greater tragedy than just their apartment burning down a few days ago in Cullman,...

Cute Predators – The Most Dangerous Animals At An Adorably Young Age

We're not saying you should approach the young of wild animals, because the parents usually aren't far away and are certainly capable of ending you to protect...

Worried About Mosquitoes In The Summer? Cheap Innovative Way To Get Rid Of Them...

0 In the summertime people are outdoors which brings menacing bugs like mosquitoes. In this video we will show you how to get rid of all your troubles...

Huge Dogs That Believe They're Lap Dogs

For some odd reason, the big dogs you're about to see believe they are essentially lap dogs and not massive at all. A lot of them easily...

Boss Snakes – The 10 Most Venomous Snakes

Ah, venomous snakes. They bring great fear into the hearts of people, as they should. These things can kill you with ease!   #10: Rattlesnake The rattlesnake is the only...

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