Saturday, February 29, 2020

Ethan Loves Dogs – You'll Be Impressed By What This 9yo Does For Dogs

Most kids would love a pile of gifts for their 9th birthday, but Ethan Katz is a boss and looks at the bigger picture already at such...

Copenhagen will plant fruit trees – as a tasty gift to citizens.

Haven't eaten since lunch? Dont't worry, just grab an apple on your way home. Does your child want snacks? Pick plums.

Elephant Orphanage – Baby Elephants… Need We Say More?! (PICS)

In Kenya, there is an awesome orphanage for baby elephants, of which you're about to see some amazing pictures! Elephants are the largest land animals living today,...

A Sick Elderly Man Was Reunited With His Dog

James Wathen is 73 years old and was in such terrible health that he had to be put in the hospital. He wasn't eating and was so...

Norwegian girl dropped her phone, a whale gave it back.

When a group of Norwegian girls managed to drop their phone in the sea, this gentle whale gave it back. Click and watch the cute...

You'd Never Expect What These Animals Were Used For In The Military

In times of war, animals are often utilized by the military. We all know about war horses and dogs, but below are also some animals you probably...

Cats break into science farm to feast on human corpses.

Cats having feast a on human corpses, some eating the entire body. Should we be afraid for our cats?

Cattoos – The Best Tattoos of Cats

Cat tattoos, also known as cattoos, are becoming more and more common among cat owners who have formed a purrfect bond with their feline friend(s). Let's take...

Baby Rhino And Baby Goat Are Best Friends Forever

Warning: Protect your heart, because it might melt watching this! Gertjie is an orphaned baby rhinoceros that loves to play with its best friend Lammie, a baby goat!...

Volunteers Rescue A Dog Covered In Tar, Giving It A Second Chance At Life!

After falling  into a pool of hot tar that engulfed his body and had became rock-solid, this dog had no choice but to remain on the ground...

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