Wednesday, July 28, 2021

If You Have A Heart, These Touching Animal Stories Will Melt It

The following 13 heartwarming animal stories may have you reaching for a box of tissues. It's very uplifting what sometimes goes on in the animal kingdom!   1. Gandalf...

This awesome cat helps locked-out owner inside.

Why call the lock-smith when you have a cat? This smart cat helped the locked-out owner get back inside by opening the back door.

Environmentally Conscious Elephant Collects Litter Like A Boss

This elephant might be more environmentally conscious than most people. When it sees litter on the ground, this boss elephant picks it up to dispose of it in the trash.

Walk Your Dog For Charity With The Wooftrax App

A company called WoofTrax has developed an app called 'Walk For A Dog' , which allows you to raise money for dog shelters around where you live....

Copenhagen will plant fruit trees – as a tasty gift to citizens.

Haven't eaten since lunch? Dont't worry, just grab an apple on your way home. Does your child want snacks? Pick plums.

Did you know: Cows goes through puberty?

Teenage cows have Moo-Moo-Mood swings and are rebellious during puberty. Mommy cows apparently deal with the same as you.

This Little Boy's Best Friends Are Furry, But Still Not What You'd Expect!

Children are born with an innate desire to interact and compassionately appreciate animals, whether they be wild or domesticated. Often, this love for animals is somehow diminished...

The MOST Photogenic Animals Ever Photographed

External beauty isn't everything in life, but it's definitely going to help out these ridiculously photogenic and aesthetic animals. They are GLORIOUS! This corgi is hopping over that...

Cute Predators – The Most Dangerous Animals At An Adorably Young Age

We're not saying you should approach the young of wild animals, because the parents usually aren't far away and are certainly capable of ending you to protect...

Most Dogs Enjoy A Long Walk. This One LOVES To Skydive!

While most dogs would be content going for a long walk with their owner, this dachshund named Riley wouldn't settle for that and the daredevil inside him...

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