Friday, February 3, 2023

Drowning Bald Eagle Rescued By Fisherman

While fishing in the waters of Nanoose Bay, this Canadian fisherman came across a drowning bald eagle fledgling and made the boss move to rescue it.

Huge Dogs That Believe They're Lap Dogs

For some odd reason, the big dogs you're about to see believe they are essentially lap dogs and not massive at all. A lot of them easily...

Rescued Dogs Turned Into Bosslike Service Dogs

Freedom Service Dogs of America (FSD) is a nonprofit organization that rescues dogs from animal shelters and custom trains them to become hero service dogs for disabled...

A Horse Stuck In Mud Was Rescued By Some Real Life Heroes

When a horse got stuck in mud and seemed to be doomed, some great people came to its rescue. The horse stuck in what seemed like quicksand was thankful!

30 Animal Blorps Who Are As Round As They Are Adorable

These 30 pleasantly plump animal blorps will completely melt your heart with their ample physiques and adorable aesthetics. Chubby and cheerful they are!   1. The puppy blorp, although...

Boss Snakes – The 10 Most Venomous Snakes

Ah, venomous snakes. They bring great fear into the hearts of people, as they should. These things can kill you with ease!   #10: Rattlesnake The rattlesnake is the only...

This Lamb Thinks She's A Dog

In the highlands of Scotland, there lives a lamb named Pet, who was raised by dogs and thinks she's a dog now. This video of her playing is quite uplifting.

Guy Gets Brutally Mauled By Golden Retriever Puppies!

0 Check out this video that will definitely brighten your day. A guy gets smothered by a bunch of playful golden retriever puppies. This is the cutest thing...

Two Cheetah Cubs Born By IVF for the First time in History.

In an attempt to Save Big Cats, two Cheetah cubs was successfully born by IVF using a surrogate mother.

A Bullied Baby Monkey Gets His Very Own Guard Dog.

A Bullied Baby Monkey Gets His Very Own Guard Dog. When this monkey was picked by other monkeys at a zoo in China, the staff decided to get...

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