Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Nurse From Dallas Who Survived Ebola Has Been Reunited With Her Dog

The nurse from Dallas, Texas, who survived the Ebola virus, has been reunited with her beloved dog.

Boss Snakes – The 10 Most Venomous Snakes

Ah, venomous snakes. They bring great fear into the hearts of people, as they should. These things can kill you with ease!   #10: Rattlesnake The rattlesnake is the only...

Paraplegic Porcupine in Brazil Saved With $5 Wheelchair

In Sao Paolo, Brazil, zookeepers went into full boss mode for a paraplegic porcupine that they rescued from a nightclub. Unable to move around on its own, the...

Best Buds: Labrador And Dolphin Swim Together

0 A BBC camera crew captures Incredible footage of a labrador swimming and playing with a dolphin off the coast of Middletown, on Tory Island.  

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