Friday, February 3, 2023

Police hunt when sad cow’s therapy goat was stolen.

This is a very goat story with a happy ending. Bunter, the depressed cow became even more sad when her therapy goat went missing.

This hero stray dog spends his day helping children.

Worried about getting your children safe to school? Fear no more, because this hero stray dog is on the job.

Cats break into science farm to feast on human corpses.

Cats having feast a on human corpses, some eating the entire body. Should we be afraid for our cats?

Like tornadoes? This is how FIRE tornadoes are made.

Tornadoes are kinda scary. Fire tornadoes on the other hand, are terrifying frightening shit. Here is how fire tornadoes are made.

Young hero saves nine Koalas from Australian bushfire

Patrick Boyle, 22, decided to go on rescue mission when the Australian bushfire started and have now saved nine Koalas.

Be inspired by our 10 most boss animal memes

Learn to be like a boss from these 10 boss animal memes. Nothing brightens our day like cute and funny animals.

Android Uses Video Of Unlikely Animal Friends To Promote Their Product Like A Boss

Android created a promo video of unlikely animal friends to promote their product like some true bosses. You won't want to miss this one! This is adorable.

Wanna See Some Owls Dance Like A Boss?!

These owls decided to have a little dance-off on a lucky photographer's front lawn. She managed to secretly capture it on her GoPro. Or maybe they knew...

This Lamb Thinks She's A Dog

In the highlands of Scotland, there lives a lamb named Pet, who was raised by dogs and thinks she's a dog now. This video of her playing is quite uplifting.

Dog Says Hello In Response To Human

0 A cute French Bulldog tries to say hello to his owner, who in turn delivers the same greeting.

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