Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Best Buds: Labrador And Dolphin Swim Together

0 A BBC camera crew captures Incredible footage of a labrador swimming and playing with a dolphin off the coast of Middletown, on Tory Island.  

Aussie Firefighters Perform CPR On A Koala! MUST SEE VIDEO!

This all went down in Melbourne, Australia's second most populous city, this past Thursday. A koala was struck by a car and climbed into a tree to...

Squirrel Steals A GoPro Camera And Carried It Up A Tree

Being a squirrel is all about being adventures and seeking out for everything that looks cool and new, even though you can not eat it. That is...

Dog Stuck In Canal Rescued By Men In Off-Road Vehicle

A dog stuck in the middle of a canal on a pile of garbage was rescued by three heroes in their off-road vehicle.

Elephant Orphanage – Baby Elephants… Need We Say More?! (PICS)

In Kenya, there is an awesome orphanage for baby elephants, of which you're about to see some amazing pictures! Elephants are the largest land animals living today,...

This woman gets an amazing response from her dog

When the dogs owner says that she loves her dog, her dog responds in the most amazing way ever. The woman gets very emotional about the dogs...

Cattoos – The Best Tattoos of Cats

Cat tattoos, also known as cattoos, are becoming more and more common among cat owners who have formed a purrfect bond with their feline friend(s). Let's take...

Frankenturtle – Cracked Turtle Shell Repaired in Bosslike Fashion

At a wildlife shelter in Manitoba, Canada, a poor turtle came in with a completely cracked shell, so the bosses at the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre put...

Elephants Reunite After 22 Years

Elephants Reunite! Shirley and Jenny were separated when they were younger after being crippled. 22-years later they are now brought together for the first time at the Elephant...

A Horse Stuck In Mud Was Rescued By Some Real Life Heroes

When a horse got stuck in mud and seemed to be doomed, some great people came to its rescue. The horse stuck in what seemed like quicksand was thankful!

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