Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Simple Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats!

Owning a pet is one of the most fulfilling and joyous life choices a person can make. Every day is filled with their fluffy, friendly faces, unending loyalty,...

Endangered Lion Was Rescued From A Well

After the big cat fell into a 60 feet deep well, this endangered lion was rescued by heroic forest rangers.

A Dog Does Something For His Owner That'll Break Your Heart Into Pieces

Grab some tissues before you continue reading. Just in case!   18yo Bhaskar Shri was a construction worker in Chennai, India, but last month he died in a tragic...

Young hero saves nine Koalas from Australian bushfire

Patrick Boyle, 22, decided to go on rescue mission when the Australian bushfire started and have now saved nine Koalas.

Drowning Bald Eagle Rescued By Fisherman

While fishing in the waters of Nanoose Bay, this Canadian fisherman came across a drowning bald eagle fledgling and made the boss move to rescue it.

Bearded Norwegian Hero Saves Drowning Duck From Frozen Lake

A bearded Norwegian ice swimmer named Lars saved a duck from drowning in a frozen lake somewhere in Norway. Did I mention his beard is bosslike in itself?!

This Dog Tucks Himself Into Bed

0 This clever dog tucks himself into bed by just grabbing the blanket taking it in his kennel and wrapping up.

Top 10 Boss Dogs

#10. The Chow-Chow The Chow-Chow comes in at number 10. The males usually weigh between 60-80lbs and come stacked with a ton of fur and thick hair, hence...

Did you know: Cows goes through puberty?

Teenage cows have Moo-Moo-Mood swings and are rebellious during puberty. Mommy cows apparently deal with the same as you.

Get To Know Dodi The Therapy Dog

This gorgeous Harlequin Great Dane named Dodi is a therapy dog with one amazing story. Diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age, Dodi was deemed extremely difficult...

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