Monday, January 20, 2020

Celebrities who made it against all odds: Emily Blunt

We know her as Mary Poppins and the young queen Victoria. But an acting career was not on young Emilys mind, because she struggled with...

Celebrities who made it against all odds: Jim Carrey

We all know the comedian Jim Carrey, but his way to success didn't come easy. As a child, Jim worked 8 hour days and lived...

Celebrities who made it against all odds: Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker did not grow up rich on the upper-east side of New York, on the contrary she grew up in Ohio as 1...

Celebrities who made it against all odds: Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry, a writer, actor, director, comedian, producer and on Forbes top list's. Also abused, slept in his car, rejected and tried to kill himself.

Ready for some Level Expert memes?

Close to Like a boss memes, you have the Level Expert memes, so we would like to share some of Internet's most entertaining.

Teaching your kid how to play football, like a boss.

It is not always easy when you are teaching your kid how to play soccer. But this dad does it like a boss.

Happy New Year! IT IS 2020 !

A new decade, the new twenties, and boy - did the world celebrate. Click on the video to watch the world welcome in 2020 with...

Funny clapbacks to sexual pick-up lines on Tinder

Sexual pick-up lines on Tinder can sometimes be uncomfortable, but these women just turned the table and shut them down.
Miss nigeria 2019 reaction

Miss Nigerias reaction when Jamaica won Miss World 2019

There were only three contestant left on the stage, waiting for the Miss World 2019 announcement. When Jamaica won, Miss Nigerias reaction went viral.

Be inspired by our 10 most boss animal memes

Learn to be like a boss from these 10 boss animal memes. Nothing brightens our day like cute and funny animals.

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