Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Boss Climbers – These People Who Love to Climb Are CRAZY!

If you have a fear of heights, the images that follow may make you gag a little just thinking about being in that situation. The possibility of...

Kid Rock Surprises Fan With Down Syndrome At His 30th Birthday Party

Kid Rock decided to surprise his #1 fan named Dan, who has Down Syndrome and was celebrating his 30th birthday.

NYC's CandyCab Needs Some Help!

For the past two years, New York City cab driver Mansoor Khalid has brightened the lives of other people with his cool innovation the CandyCab. Sweet surprises...

Gravity Glue Is What This Man Uses To Create Mindbogglingly Balanced Rock Sculptures

I have no idea how this even works, but he says he uses gravity as the glue to balance his sculptures made out of rocks he finds. My mind is blown by gravity glue!

Day For Night Is The Most Creative Music & Arts Festival In Texas

Day For Night 2016 was held at the Barbara Jordan Post Office in the middle of Downtown Houston, attracting musical acts from all around the world on...

Would You Live In This House?

Over at a company called Modscape in Australia, they got together a bunch of architects, engineers and designers to come up with the craziest home I've ever...

6yr Old Break Dancing – Like A Boss

0 Check out this unbelievable 6-year-old girl, Terra Chelles while she serves up older kids in a B-boy battle. Break dancing like a boss!

Pictures Of People Crowd Surfing Like A Boss

Crowd surfing, also known as body surfing, is when you hop into a crowd of people at a wild-ass concert and they pass you around over their...

This normal train ride became something totally different when this man pressed play

It looked like a normal day on the train on the Australian city Perth. But nobody on the train could ever expect what happened next. All the...

Us The Duo's Mashup Of 2014's Top Hits Is Brilliant

Us The Duo covers 12 top hits from 2014 in this bosslike musical mashup of awesome that includes hits like "All About That Bass" and "Shake It Off". Enjoy!

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