Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Celebrities who made it against all odds: Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry, a writer, actor, director, comedian, producer and on Forbes top list's. Also abused, slept in his car, rejected and tried to kill himself.

Inspiring Quotes To Take You To The Weekend

Have you had a rough week so far? Could you use some inspiration? Then you're in luck, because I collected a bunch of motivational quotes for you...

They May Be Random, But These 20 Astonishing Celebrity Facts Are Very Interesting

With celebrities always out there and the media trying their hardest to peek into their personal lives, it's no surprise that we know a lot about these...

This Guy Figured Out The Best Way To Meet Girls On Campus At College

This guy, with the help of his friends, figured out the best way to meet girls on campus at college is to surprise them with a serenade of Pretty Woman.

Business Cards Tailor-Made for True Bosses

A business card is a great way to share basic information about you and/or your business with potential clients upon formally meeting them. Usually these cards will...

A Celebrity Captain Makes A Little Girl's Wish Come True

Sir Patrick Stewart is mainly known for his roles as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek and Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men, but he's also a boss...

This Girl Plays Mario Brothers To Perfection On An Ancient Chinese Instrument. AMAZING.

0 The Sheng is an ancient Chinese instrument that was created sometime in 1000BC. At a concert in Taipei, Taiwan a female performer surprised her audience by playing...

Bosslike Sculptures Made From Recycled Old Tires

A Korean artist named Yong Ho Ji made the bosslike sculptures that follow out of recycled old tires. He's basically transforming someone's trash into a valuable piece...

10 Awesome Combo GIFs – Combining GIFs to Maximize Hilarity Like A Boss

When one GIF just isn't funny enough to make you roll on the floor laughing, maybe combining two or more will do the trick?! Check out these...

Get A Roommate, They Said. It'll Be Fun, They Said.

Living with roommates is an amazing experience. Sometimes it's a ton of fun and amazing, but it can also be a pain in the ass at times....

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