Monday, November 28, 2022

Fitness Model With Colostomy Bag Fulfilled His Dream

This 33-year-old guy is Blake Beckford, a fitness model that does not give up easily. He won the transformation category in a Pure elite fitness competition, and...

A Sneak Peek Into The Lives Of Tokyo’s Underground Speed Hunters In 4K

Japanese underground speed hunters and street racers are comprised by different groups, car clubs and gangs. One being the Bōsōzoku which is most popular due to the...

This Video Called Seconds Will Motivate You To Take More Chances

There are 86,400 seconds in a day and you could be using a lot of those seconds to make choices that affect your life in a positive way.

Self-Taught Homeless Man Plays The Piano Exquisitely

The way this homeless man plays the piano is incredible. He even composes his own music!

This normal train ride became something totally different when this man pressed play

It looked like a normal day on the train on the Australian city Perth. But nobody on the train could ever expect what happened next. All the...

Gravity Glue Is What This Man Uses To Create Mindbogglingly Balanced Rock Sculptures

I have no idea how this even works, but he says he uses gravity as the glue to balance his sculptures made out of rocks he finds. My mind is blown by gravity glue!

Kid Rock Surprises Fan With Down Syndrome At His 30th Birthday Party

Kid Rock decided to surprise his #1 fan named Dan, who has Down Syndrome and was celebrating his 30th birthday.

Michael Jackson Dance – Like A Boss

0 This street busker has a rather unorthodox dance routine. He uses a series of poles connected to mannequins to create the illusion that three people are doing...

Spray Painting – Like A Boss

Check out this talented street artist spray painting like a boss. We love art and we love the people making it.

Harry Potter Raps Like a Boss

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe is rapping the "Alphabet Aerobics" on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this Tuesday and what a rapper he is. He was...

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