Tuesday, November 29, 2022

People Pay It Forward At $1 Pizza Joint And Help Feed The Homeless

People at Rosa's Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia pay it forward with $1 pizza slices to feed the homeless. You have to read about this amazing pizzeria!

The Craziest Burgers

We just wanted to share with you how crazy burgers can really get. I feel like we should be including some type of heart disease warning with...

10 Craziest Bacon Creations

#10. Burrito-stuffed sausage wrapped in Bacon This bad boy is for proffesionals only. Found at the "Smoking meats forum" this is made with a Jimmy Dean sausage, a...

Boss Chef 101 – Up Your Cooking Game With 10 Kitchen Life Hacks

Cooking can be a difficult endeavor, especially when you're trying to get beyond frozen microwave dinners and plating pizza you ordered from the local pizzeria. (Or worse......

Gourmet Jello Shots – Are These Fancy Enough For You, Ladies & Gentlemen?

Jello shots or gelatin shots (vodka jelly or jelly shots in the UK) were invented in 1862 by a guy named Jerry Thomas. The original recipe calls...

10 Mindblowingly Delicious Bacon Recipes

We have long known that bacon is one of the most heavenly savory foods on the planet, so we decided to make a list of our 10...

15 Life Hacks With Coffee Grounds

Get on that grind. I'm talking about grinding coffee of course. Coffee grounds can be used for all sorts of awesome things. Here are 15 life hacks...

Amazing Watermelon Sculptures – We'd Eat Them All!

While craving watermelon sculptures sounds like a weird idea at first, people carve all sorts of things into pumpkins every year for Halloween. These watermelon sculptures are...

Boss Grills – Because Coookouts Should Be Bosslike!

Summer is a great time to grill some steaks, burgers, hot dogs and whatever else you want to. Maybe you're sophisticated and also want to smoke some ribs! Don't...

Caramba! It is National Margarita day.

#NationalMargaritaDay Because, the world need a Margarita day. Here is the classic recipe: We went to Seriouseats...

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