Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Good Samaritan At A Chick-Fil-A Drive-Thru Paid For The Next 88 Customers

An anonymous good samaritan, who went by the name John, decided to make everyone's night at the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru in Abilene, Texas. After paying for his own...

How To Make A Watermelon Smoothie – Like A Boss

0 Make a watermelon smoothie a lot faster and with less hassle. Try out this incredible watermelon smoothie hack to make those hot summer days relaxing.

Five Healthier Snacks For Kids That They Won’t Hate

The following five snack ideas are healthier than the usual junk you're most likely feeding your children. Let's be honest, you're probably eating some unhealthy snacks as...

Serving Time Cafe – Prison Inmates Serve Food At Restaurant Open To The Public!

If you're ever in Draper, Utah, you should stop by the Serving Time Cafe, where inmates from the local women's federal prison serve food to the public. That's...

Amazing Watermelon Sculptures – We'd Eat Them All!

While craving watermelon sculptures sounds like a weird idea at first, people carve all sorts of things into pumpkins every year for Halloween. These watermelon sculptures are...

Top 8 Beach Drinks – Don't Drink and Swim

We'd like to start this one off by saying that you should drink responsibly. If you're under the drinking age where you live, don't drink. If you're...

At A Restaurant Called Karma Kitchen, You Always Get A $0 Bill; They Still...

At a restaurant called Karma Kitchen in Berkeley, California, you always get a $0 bill for your meal. You also get the chance to pay it forward.

Coffee Facts – Why Is Coffee So Bosslike?

We love coffee, as do most people. Here are some facts about this bosslike beverage so many people enjoy on a daily basis.   Coffee Makes Goats Dance An old...

25 People Couldn't Say The Right Thing, So They Used Cake To Express Themselves.

Sometimes you just can't find the words to apologize to someone and saying sorry probably won't cut it. Cake might though! Yeah, cake is probably a great...

The Craziest Burgers

We just wanted to share with you how crazy burgers can really get. I feel like we should be including some type of heart disease warning with...

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